Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Life after Yes +

I would like to share my experience,

In life to learn from failures is difficult . I never taught i could ever be happy when i failed in engineering (year back). Never could understand people around me. Karthick Kadapan(my cousin) started it off, confirmed it from my close friend Rohit that i had failed in engineering. By word of mouth relatives came to know about it, then i became the food ball of others.

After that life seemed so difficult i could not take the smallest of things . Just wanted to be lonely away from my friends,relatives & family .Then came the trouble Depression , i felt that i can t live life happily ever after.

To come out of this state i taught smoking was the only solution. But as time passed i started to be more and more depressed.Things got worse. Thinking about year back i got another year back.

Then when i sat back and taught for a while ,started questioning my self

  • why did i fail,
  • why i could not just pass (scrape through),
  • why , why , why for every thing

Thinking life my take a turn in the right direction, nothing happened ???

I found no answers until Yes+ course on 10 aug 2009.The day my life changed…my parents could instantly recognize change in me . simple and effective.

  • A million Thanks to karpagavalli( and Priya Mani.